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Kintauden koulu

Kintaus school is a state funded primary school in the municipality of Petäjävesi, in Central Finland region.

The school has 140 pupils from grade 1 to 6, 9 teachers, 2-3 assistants in classes during the day and 3 other staff.

Because of the natural surroundings (there are all together 99 lakes in Petäjävesi) and the new curriculum in Finland, one of the main reasons to take part in NANOL project is to improve practise related to ‘learning in nature and with nature’ aspect of education.

Matti Eskelinen, Terhi El Massri, Riikka Pellinen and Elina Korkiavuori represent Kintaus school in the NANOL Erasmus + project.

During the NANOL project, all the school staff has increased outdoor learning activities in their teaching practises, from grades 1 to 6 and related to several subjects. These activities are described in the NANOL final publication. Pupils also take part in generating ideas for the school account Instagram @kintaudenkoulu. Most of the pictures and stories are about nearby nature activities.