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Centre d’Educació Ambiental Alt Ter

The ‘Associació Centre d’Educació Ambiental Alt Ter’ is an association of professionals with different backgrounds created in 2000 and that has become the reference centre for environmental education in the Ripollès county.

The aim of the association is to spread the values of the natural and cultural heritage among society, focused on the Catalan side of the Eastern Pyrenees.

CEA Alt Ter is proud to be an active member of the Catalan Society of Environmental Education (SCEA) and to have a role in there to work towards the improvement of the quality of Environmental Education Centres in Catalonia.

CEA Alt Ter also belongs to the network ‘Xarxa Transfronterera d’Educació Pirineus Vius—Réseau Education Pyrénées Vivantes (XEPV)’ together with French and Andorran organisations to encourage educational cooperation between countries.

CEA Alt Ter participants in the NANOL project are Xavier Bachero and Maria Llover. They have created new materials related to the educational programme of the "Parc Natural de les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser" with the participation of theachers from the Ripollès region and the support of the natural park.